In recent years, domestic violence has exploded in Australia. According to domestic violence statistics, complaints to police and government departments such as the Department of Community Services (DoCS) have risen sharply to the point where the system is strained to the point of being completely ineffective in helping victims. What has caused this sudden spoke in domestic violence? Some sociologists will blame the economic crash or the economic strain on households. Others will tell us that domestic violence victims are only now coming out of the proverbial closet and facing their accusers. There are even reports submitted to our government linking domestic violence with natural disasters. However, the truth is far more sinister. A “conspiracy” between the Family Court cartels, interest groups and members of Parliament is unravelling. People are becoming aware that domestic violence is Australia’s biggest rort, draining billions of dollars from tax payers each year and putting it into the back pockets of politicians, judicial members and interest groups… and all at the expense of children and their families in a “cash for kids” scandal that hold children at ransom while their parents hand over everything to see them again.
From around 1869 until 1969, Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children were being removed from their parents. These children are today known as the “Stolen Generation”. The reasons at the time for their removal were largely based on, inter alia, “child protection”. Another reason was to prevent the proliferation of mixed-decent children. Tens of thousands of children has young as infants to middle-aged children and teenagers were forcibly removed from their parents and became wards of the state. Ridiculous “half-caste” legislation was enacted. There was even an attempt to amend the legislation to allow the children to be used as cheap child-labour, with one member stating that such actions were necessary to “domesticate” the children. Arguably, it would have been a scene straight out of Hitler’s concentration camps. Many of these children grew up abandoned and never saw their parents again. In 2008, Kevin Rudd made his historical apology to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait people.
However, the crime of removing children from their families did not end with the Stolen Generation. In the late 1860s, Australia was part of the “Home Children” campaign, in which children from the United Kingdom were removed from their families and taken to Australia, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand. Why? Because child labour was needed and impoverished, vagrant children could be taken and used to make up for labour shortages in the colonies.
Removing children from their families for political and economic gain occurs again and again throughout Australian history. From the 1930s to the 1980s, a “White Stolen Generation” began. More than 450,000 children were taken from their parents again, for political reasons under the guise of “child protection”, in this case, mainly to unmarried women who were drugged and tied up by authorities, or told that their babies had died during child birth.
Today, Parental Alienation is used extensively within the Family Court as an “extortion” method, draining families of everything they have. Children are being removed from their parents and forced to endure years-long court cases as they fight unsubstantiated child abuse and domestic violence accusations. A process known as the “Domestic Violence Method” is well-known by by lawyers, police and social workers.
How does the “DV Method” work? The Method centres around domestic violence and child abuse accusations. By allowing vindictive parents who make false domestic violence allegations to continue creating havoc, the courts are able to drain money from families and funding from the tax-payer. Parents who make false allegations are often rewarded with full “custody” of the children and all the benefits that go with it. A New Stolen Generation has emerged within Australia, surrounded by false domestic violence and child abuse allegations.
Examples of the New Stolen Generation
example 1: Judge Tom Altobelli has been criticised with banning a father from having contact with his children for up to 12 years after being falsely accused of child molestation by the children mother. Even more alarming, the judge wrote a letter to the children explaining why he justified taking their father from their lives, which has been commended by other members of the judiciary.
example 2: Then there was the father who was banned from having contact with his 5 year old daughter for 13 years because the girl’s mother refused to follow court orders.
example 3: Then there was the very public domestic violence allegations made by the mother of 4 Italian Girls. The mother kidnapped the children from Italy and publicly accused the father of domestic violence and child abuse. In the end, the girls were returned to Italy to be with the father, but only after the Australian government intervened to uphold International Treaties in regard to Child Abduction. The case had dragged on for years until that point.
How is domestic violence used? This is what the Familiy Court do not want the general public to discover: Firstly, an application for a Domestic Violence Order is obtained, usually making the following claims:
i)   verbal abuse
ii)  physical abuse (shoving, hitting etc)
iii) threats of abuse
iv) child abuse and suspected child molestation; and of course
v) that the other parent does not provide for the child or does not want to be involved with the children.
Unbelievably, when filing a domestic violence complaint, no evidence is required and a person will never be charged with making a false complaint to police or the courts. A person does not have to prove anything with domestic violence because it is believed that domestic violence victims “hide their bruises” or “are too scared to tell people” etc. A judge or magistrate will almost always make a temporary order without even contacting the accused person (the respondent). The order will have a restraining component saying that the other person cannot go near the applicant, their work or their home. It only takes about 15mins in court to obtain a DVO. However, the respondent will have to fight for anywhere from 6 months to over a year to defend themselves, with costs soaring past $10,000+. Under these conditions, in almost all instances, respondents take the easiest option of “acceptance without admission” to save the costs of defending the allegations. Any lawyer will tell you that it is almost impossible to successfully defend a DVO application, no matter what evidence is produced to prove the accused person innocent. In any case, the definition of domestic violence is so broad, every single negative act from arguing to criticism is considered domestic violence.
1. Removing Contact Between Children and Their Parents
This is where Parental Alienation comes into the picture: Domestic Violence Orders do not make allowances for each parent to have contact with the children. Getting in first is crucial as the first person is seen as the victim and the second is seen as just vindictive. Once a person has the DVO, they generally cut all communication between the other parent, their family and their children. ALL COMMUNICATION. Why? Because if a parent withholds children from a parent, the Family Court will claim that the children will not be able to associate or adjust to being placed with that parent again. The truth is, this is an easy way for the Family Court to keep parents fighting a useless fight through the courts in an attempt to see their own children. Parents will give up everything for their children, and the Family Court knows this. But how can the Family Court allow children to be removed from loving parents? Because under Australian law, parents have NO RIGHTS to their children! Actually, the Family Court cartels’ interpretation is that, because there are no rights stated in writing, then there are no actual rights conveyed to parents, or children. The Family Court cartels are happy to create another “Stolen Generation” of children taken from their parents under the guise of “abuse”.
2. Stopping All Communication Between Children and Their Parents
When a vindictive parent goes into Family Court, all they have to claim is that the other person does not want communication with their kids, has had no communication (thus the children have lost a “connection”), or communication cannot continue between the two of you:
This is an integral part of the DV Method and was recently used by a woman to have the Family Court ban her daughter’s father from seeing his daughter for 15 years!


If a DVO is in place and the other party tries to contact their children at home, or tries to see their own  children, they will be in breach of the DVO and will be immediately arrested and charged – regardless of whether their children are being withheld from them. Even if their are orders in place, a person can ignore them using a DVO. A DVO breach will almost certainly get that person banned from having contact from their children by the Family Court. A breach can include calling the house, waiting at the school bus stop or front gate of the school, or any other contact where the holder of the DVO is affected – no violence or threats are needed for a breach.
Once in court, the accusations intensify. By this time, 3-6 months has passed and the parent using Parental Alienation can easily make the argument that the children have become “settled” with that parent and a judge will almost always make a temporary order that the children stay with that parent. Depending on the seriousness of the allegations (regardless of any lack of evidence) the other parent could be cut out altogether from their children’s lives. Also, the parent alleging domestic violence and child abuse be eligible for Legal Aid because they are considered to be “at risk” of domestic violence. The other parent will have to pay thousands for a lawyer.
These cases usually drag out for 18mths – 2 yrs, by that time, the Family Report psychologist/writer will show the children have been living with the parent making the accusations comfortably and have “adjusted” to life with them. The Family Court does not recognise the psychological effects of Parental Alienation, and thus ignores any effects on children. The other parent will be lucky if he sees the children even every second weekend. And as a reward for the parent who uses Parental Alienation and false allegations… maximum child support AND government assistance (including government-assisted housing).
This is a method that is used extensively, particularly in recent months under the new domestic violence and Family Law amendments. Unbelievably, police will almost definately not charge a person for making false allegations. Why? Because it is policy not to charge people who “believe their children may have been abused”. Ask any lawyer, DoCS, counsellor or police officer… this is the case.
Lawyers will usually push domestic violence and child abuse allegations for two main reasons:
1) cases involving child abuse will be referred to the Family Court rather than a Magistrates Court, thus adding $100,000+ to the lawyers pay packet;
2) it is easier for lawyers to be granted Legal Aid funding for clients who would otherwise not be able to afford to pay legal fees;
3) obtaining a DVO almost guarantees a “win”. In the Family Court, a client can receive a huge settlement in property, superannuation, savings and other entitlements for a ‘win’… and a large amount of this goes directly to the lawyer.
The Domestic Violence Method was recently used by a mother who kidnapped her children from their father in Italy. Even when the courts ordered that they be returned, she used child abuse allegations to ensure the children stayed in Australia and away from the father. She broke numerous international and federal laws, yet she will never be charged. Why? Because the Family Court cartels protect those who use the DV Method and generate billion-dollar profits each year. The Domestic Violence Method works 100% and everyone involved profits from the families involved… judges, interest groups, lawyers, psychologists… everyone!
Domestic violence and Parental Alienation is so profitable, the Australian government even paid $10 million dollars for an ad with Chopper Read, threatening ALL men in Australia to push the domestic violence stereotype
Thousands of people have been using this method for years. It has even been reported that immigrants are using domestic violence claims as a backdoor to obtain entry into Australia for themselves and their children, and then sponsoring their husbands to assist them coming into the country. False allegations of rape, child abuse and domestic violence has risen sharply. As a result, domestic violence is seen as a huge “social problem” – and what does Government do to combat social problems? They throw money at it.
Although some countries have made new laws against Parental Alienation, the Australian government and the Family Courts still use children as a tool to drain every cent from parents and leverage them to agree to “consent orders” . I fact, it is estimated that domestic violence is a $13 billion industry in Australia. No-one will ever take that away from the economy.
This website will show:
* How Julia Gillard started a feminist group called Emily’s List Australia, made up of Labor women such as Tanya Plibersek and reporters such as Anne Summers, and how the group has control over Labor to make sexist laws and allow false allegations to be made at the expense of children;
* How Family Court orders are useless and are practically unenforceable, despite parents spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to obtain them. Contravention orders are a rort designed to create a false belief that court orders are ‘enforceable’;
* How domestic violence is manufactured by the Family Court cartels to drain funding from families and the public by the billions, while children are subjected to Parental Alienation, creating a new “stolen generation” of children who will grow up never knowing one or both parents;
* How judges use children against their own parents to extort every last cent from families and intimidate parents into accepting “consent orders”;
* How the Family Court cartels are ordering the sale of homes of families and are literally retaining the profits for themselves in trust accounts, leaving families penniless and homeless;
* How interest groups have infiltrated the courtrooms as “third parties”, pushing false accusations in order to receive millions of dollars in funding;
* How thousands of innocent parents are questioned, arrested and even falsely imprisoned each year without any evidence, as a result of the “guilty until proven innocent” mentality;
* How children are coerced and used as tools by vindictive parents as “evidence” against innocent parents, even when making false allegations to police about child abuse;
* How doctors and psychologists use domestic violence to any extent in order to receive a share in the huge profiteering cartels;
* How the Family Court protects international abductors, completely ignoring the Hague Convention designed to protect children.
and of course…
* How thousands of children are being removed from loving, caring parents and placed into the hands of abusive parents.


  1. Where’s the rights of the children?
    Family court basically means who ever LIES the best for the LONGEST will ultimately destroy the innocent person!

  2. False child abuse claims are the lowest form of degradation that can be made of a loving caring father,to be labelled with absolutely no evidence is appalling!!
    Not to mention that any investigator that can see that there was no mention of these filthy disgusting claims,they were not put forward until they didn’t get there own way in the family court.My girls future father daughter relationship has been irreparably damaged for life.As even when they are proven to be lies I have no legal recourse to have her prosecuted for the blatant emotional/psychological damage that she has caused my precious little girls.
    Signed Forever damaged loving Father!

  3. I am in this situation where lies and false allegations are made against me by my ex-wife and I have sought a lawyer to defend me for over a year but Aboriginal Legal Aid refuses to help as does Legal Aid Australia. I have lost my 2 small children to the system and my family is ripped apart.

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